Sacred Geometry

As awareness of the fundamental patterns of universal creation has arisen over the centuries there have been applications of this knowledge in various expressions, most notably found in ancient art and architecture, as well as in various esoteric and religious traditions. The term that has become commonplace to refer to these expressions and the investigation into them is Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry has its place in the larger field of cosmometry with its focus on how this knowledge has appeared throughout the ages within many sacred contexts. In its contemporary form it continues to encompass the incorporation of aspects of cosmometry into expressions in visionary art, visualization and meditation practices (such as spinning one's merkaba, or star tetrahedron energy field) and the use of structural forms such as pyramids to enhance consciousness and bioenergetic phenomena.

In considering this field of knowledge as a whole, and in relationship specifically to the scientists who are not prone to calling what they are discovering "sacred geometry", it became evident that a new term was needed to label this field. Cosmometry is the natural choice as it encompasses the geometry of the cosmos in its entirety, from micro to macro, physical and metaphysical. And besides, there is no geometry that is not sacred in a universe where everything, and even nothing, is sacred!


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