Introduction and Thesis

Cosmometry is the study and application of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles that are at the foundation of all manifestation in the Universe, both physical and metaphysical. In its essence, cosmometry is about energy and consciousness — energy being that which everything physical is comprised (vibration, radiation, mass, angular momentum, etc) and consciousness being that which everything metaphysical is comprised (awareness, emotion, mind, intuition, spirit, etc). Just like Buckminster Fuller's subtitle to Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, this field is primarily about how consciousness is able to perceive and comprehend the ways in which Universal creation is employing basic "design principles" in the manifestation of everything from atoms to us to galaxies. And equally important to this understanding is bringing this knowledge into application as we humans design the systems and structures to meet our needs physically and metaphysically in our ongoing pursuit of success as Earthly and Cosmic beings.

At its most basic level of understanding, cosmometry consists of a few interconnected primary components and working assumptions that combine to present a theory of unified wholeness in all creation at all scales. These components and assumptions are presented in the Cosmometry 101 section of the site. If this is your first visit to this website you are encouraged to go there next so that as you delve deeper into the rest of what's offered here you can carry with you this foundational understanding.

Below is a link to a brief thesis, downloadable in PDF format, about the relevance and importance of cosmometry for addressing the design of whole, balanced and sustaining technological and social systems at this time of critical shift.




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