Application Intro

Application of the principles and specific configurations, patterns, ratios, etc of cosmometry for the benefit of life is of paramount importance. Most of our current human-contrived systems and technologies are founded on a grossly limited perception of the nature of the cosmos that is generally antiquated and oriented towards an overly mechanistic, specialized and Darwinian survival-based worldview. Buckminster Fuller proclaimed back in the 1970s that, through the application of the principles of Synergetics to the effective design of solutions to our major challenges, we had achieved the ability to "make the world work for 100% of humanity without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone." Forty-plus years later we're still grappling with those same issues, mostly ignoring (and suppressing, as the case may be) the work of Fuller and other pioneers who have embraced this same ideal and put it into practical application in a variety of ways — in technology, social architecture, whole-systems design processes, etc.

This section of the site will become a rich resource of such applications, both in theory and practice, and the underlying principles of cosmometry they're based upon. There is much research and presentation preparation to be done still. For now, here are a few links to examples of current applications that show ways in which applying the fundamental principles and patterns found in cosmometry can offer compelling and highly effective innovations.

  The 12-Around-1 Whole Systems Framework is a model of the primary areas of human concern that, when addressed as a whole, provide assurance that an integrity of all sectors will be accompished simultaneous to achieving integrity within each one individually.
The THRIVE Solutions Hub uses the 12 Sector model and torus flow communications processes to empower groups around the world to pursue whole-system, solutions-oriented activism.

  Lightfield™ Foundation – Developing and bringing into public awareness scientific understanding regarding the relationships between consciousness, energy, matter and the structure of the Universe, and implementing and bringing into active use technologies which elevate human consciousness and human potentials.

  PAX Scientific is an engineering research and product design firm whose understanding of natural fluid flow provides for the design of industrial equipment and other technologies that are highly efficient and innovative. 
  The focus of SelfDesign is the self-creation of one’s integral self as an optimum human being. A child's right to control her own mind and thought process is a guiding principle of SelfDesign. Also see In Honor of Brent Cameron.
  For 14 years, The Biomimicry Guild and The Biomimicry Institute have been re-introducing the natural world to the innovators and educators who are re-imagining ours.
  The Buckminster Fuller Challenge is an annual international design Challenge. Winning solutions are regionally specific yet globally applicable and present a truly comprehensive, anticipatory, integrated approach to solving the world's complex problems.
  Syntegration is a scientific method combined with a sophisticated mathematical model. It uses geometric shapes (polyhedra) to engineer optimal interactions between groups of people addressing multiple topics together over a compressed timeframe. 
  Intension Designs Ltd. is a small design company that employs tensegrity principles to illustrate the tensegrity structure of human anatomy, and design portable structures, free-standing fences, children's toys, furniture, mobiles and sculptures.