Overview & Vision

The Cosmometry Project is a not-for-profit research, education and application initiative whose mission is to coalesce the field of "cosmic geometry" into a comprehensive and coherent offering that supports conceptual understanding and direct application of this knowledge in all aspects of our experience of life.

The field of cosmometry is both ancient and newly emerging. Although the word cosmometry has been in the English language for a few centuries it has not garnered much attention or use beyond a handful of scientific and esoteric texts. Its traditional meaning — the art of measuring the world or universe — is accurate but limited in the full scope of this field. Measuring cosmometric phenomena is certainly part of the picture, but discernment and presentation of the higher-order wholeness and design integrity of nature is vastly greater in its importance and relevance to human evolution. 

Until now there has been no defined field for this study and its applications, as both the sciences and esoteric pursuits typically occupy niche fields of inquiry that are often specialized and at odds. As we humans awaken to ever-greater awareness of the fractal-holographic unity of all things, we are increasingly able to discern the fundamental patterns that underlie the apparent complexity and diversity of life in the universe. The knowledge that this awareness brings is essential to establishing coherence and balance during this period of rapid and radical transition on Earth. The fundamental patterning that is found throughout the cosmos is the master key to creating living systems that are healthy, sustainable and thriving. The systems that we humans have designed and implemented to date are not based upon this knowledge and as such we are experiencing the natural consequence of their limitations. The shortcomings of our economic, governance, energy, environment, education, health and other needs are evidence of this.



Core areas of focus of the Cosmometry Project are:

RESEARCH - collaboration with scientists and artists from a wide range of disciplines; modeling and mapping the fundamental patterning in all areas of research; developing a database of knowledge and application

EDUCATION - creating presentations that provide clear and compelling representation of this knowledge for layman and expert alike.

MODELING - using 3D imaging and other visual formats to show the fundamental aspects of cosmometry as well as the advanced applications of it as found in nature and human designs.

APPLICATION - showcasing how this knowledge is being applied in a variety of scientific, technological, artistic and social design initiatives

Ultimately, this website will house an extensive collection of knowledge across a full spectrum of domains, such as:












Illustrations and Models

Fluid Dynamics 

Fractal Holographics 

Ratios & Coordinates 





The Human Experience 

Scales of Space & Time 

Esoteric & Ancient Knowledge 

Books, Reports 


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