Dynamic Polarity

The manifest Universe is inherently polarized, that which we experience as a fundamental duality. This polarity is most fundamentally expressed as an energy dynamic that simultaneously moves both inwardly and outwardly from the center point of every manifest entity. This is the dynamic of gravitational attraction (and contraction) and electromagnetic radiation (and expansion). Every atom, molecule, cell, organ, organism, planet, star, galaxy has a center point towards which energy is attracted and from which energy radiates. Metaphysically, in our human experience these are the attractive force of Love and the expansive force of Joy in a constant interplay of dynamic presence. 

Ultimately, this polar dynamic "resolves" into the Unified Field where all vectors of energy force come into a state of equilibrium and polarity becomes unity. The fundamental geometric structure of the Unified Field is the vector equilibrium (cuboctahedron) which is the only geometric form that has equal length edges and radial vectors to its center point. A prime characteristic of the vector equilibrium (VE) is its ability to dynamically pulse in both left and right-handed rotation from its fully expanded state (the VE structure) to its fully contracted state which is an octahedron, passing through a specific phase that creates an icosahedron as it does so. (See Cosmometry 201: Primary Structural Cosmometry: Vector Equilibrium for more on this.) As sub-atomic particles flitting in and out of existence, every quanta of energy that comprises the known Universe is emerging from and returning to this underlying unified state of equilibrium in a repeating, pulsing cycle, bringing information about its local conditions into the holographic unity and returning into local existence informed by the holographic information of the whole.


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