Analog and Digital Numeric Symmetry

notes on the analog and digital realms

halloween 2011


there are two realms that coexist in the numeric nature of the cosmos...

... the analog, which is the infinitely seamless field energetic expressed in irrational values such as phi, pi, sq/rt of 2, etc,

... and the digital, which is the whole number structural energetic that defines the division of this field isometrically, and has as its most fundamental digital triune the zero, one and two.

0 1 2

these naturally split into two concurrent primary sequences... 

the binary digital that progresses 4 8 16 32 64...

and the fibonacci digital of 3 5  8 13 21 34 55 89 144...

Here you've got the root basis for the cosmometry of the 64 matrix binary that exists in multiple arenas such as the IVM, DNA, I Ching, Tantric Arts, etc, as well as fundamental division of the beats of time and the octaves of pitch in music...

and the phi fractal scaling ratio defined by the simple elegance of self-similar addition and subtraction along infinite spirals and vectors of growth.


Both of these realms coexist seamlessly within the IVM's infinitely scaling analog and digital aspects.

1.618 and 2 as fundamental phinary and binary scaling of the cosmos.

(The third may well be the sq rt of 2)

(The sq rt of 3 is already well accounted for in the planar IVM geometry)


2*phi = 3.23606... 

2/phi = 1.23606...

darn near exactly 2 in difference       

the resolution and origin of the binary within the phinary






phi = 1.6180



... darn near the digital progression of 1 2 4 8 16 32 64

the expansion of the binary within the phinary


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