Unified Field and Quantum Field

Quantum physics has brought forth a great deal of scientific knowledge and conceptual insight into the nature of reality at the quantum atomic level. What is clear is that there is an energetic field of activity at the most foundational level of "physical" reality that can be observed but not predicted, that manifests in tendencies and uncertainties, and yet creates all that we know as our Universe. At the very edge of this energetic level is a seething "foam" of activity, quantum foam. In essence this could be likened to the foamy edges of Earth's oceans as wave after wave meets the denser matter of the firmament. This quantum field is the bed of energetic expression that all matter is created upon — created of — in every moment. 

Underlying this quantum field is the Unified Field, the perfect state of equilibrium that is a priori to the quantum field. Every quantum energy event (misnomered as "particles") is a fluctuation within the pure stillness of the Unified Field that spins into existence, and in so doing creates differentials in energetic polarity (electromagnetic positive/negative), spin direction (chirality), pressure density (mass) and movement through spacetime (angular momentum). The underlying Unified Field is the state of pure potential in perfect equilibrium wherein nothing is manifest and everything is connected as one. It is useful to make this distinction between the Unified Field and the Quantum Field so as to better understand the cosmometry at play at these two states of energetic presence.


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