Primary Assumptions

As we embark on our sojourn into cosmometry we need a foundation upon which to build the premise for a unified model of cosmic geometry; a landscape within which our journey unfolds. We are adventuring in pursuit of a fundamental patterning that is present in all manifest creation.

To begin, there are primary assumptions about the nature of the Universe that need to be stated. To qualify these statements, this is a working premise that in many respects does not have traditional scientific verification and acceptance within mainstream research, although there are trends headed in this direction. This is offered as a base of understanding upon which to consider the deeper inquiry into cosmometry and the specific aspects that follow. 

Here are primary assumptions upon which the cosmometric model is based...

The Cosmos Is:

Energy-Consciousness: All that we experience, physically and metaphysically, is energy and consciousness (ultimately, energy (physical reality) and consciousness (metaphysical reality) are one and the same phenomena).

Holographic: The whole is present everywhere and can be discerned conceptually even when only parts of the whole are visually apparent.

Fractal: The same patterns are repeated at all scales from micro to macro.

Unified: There is a unified field within which all manifestation exists; there is no separation between "things."

Dynamic: It pulses between equilibrium (the zero-point "vacuum" state) and disequilibrium (the manifest state) continuously.

Centered by Singularities: Every manifest entity has a singularity at its center that connects it to the Unified Field.

Polarized: Energy moves inwardly and outwardly, contractively and expansively, simultaneously.

Infinite Energy Potential: The unified field has an infinite amount of energy available (or at least a quantity so vast that it might as well be infinite).

Synergetic: The phenomenon of "the behavior of whole systems that are greater than and unpredictable from the behavior of their parts when viewed separately" is inherent in all systems.


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