In Honor of Brent Cameron

My dear friend and colleague, Brent Cameron, shifted dimensions on May 20th, 2012, the day of the eclipse. Brent was/is a truly bright light in the emerging human consciousness that is guiding us into the dawn of this new phase of evolution.

Brent, along with his beloved partner River Meyer, his family and many friends, brought forth one of the greatest models for the new education. His inspirations for it are based upon a deep understanding of the fundamental nature of the cosmos as found in cosmometry — and most primarly upon the purity of Love and Joy. 

The outward expression of Brent's passion is manifested in a very successful new (and yet ancient) educational model called SelfDesign. The name says so much about its premise. In Brent's words... 


SelfDesign is a way of being
SelfDesign is a lifelong learning journey
SelfDesign is living enthusiasm into the world


Brent's study of the works and philosophy of Buckminster Fuller informed the structure and energetic matrix of SelfDesign. This photograph shows how he incorporated the basic geometry of the Vector Equilibrium into engendering self-awareness of the dynamic balance within which we all innately exist in this world (the spherical VE, or Genesa Crystal, is used in this case):


This LifeMandala is also based upon the 12-around-1 geometry of the VE. It depicts the primary realms of consciousness and modes of learning each of us engages throughout our lives, and serves as a foundation upon which students and mentors co-create learning paths within SelfDesign.


Brent's great love of the phi spiral and Fibonnaci sequence inspired one of his most passionate, and compassionate, innovations: The LifeSpiral. its premise is simple... each stone in the spiral represents a year in our life's journey. Along the way are key milestone years, with their interim phases, that mark our progression following the natural evolutionary harmonics of the Fibonnaci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89... and onward as the case may be. By coming together and standing on the stones that represent years in which we have had great personal experiences, breakthrough, milestones, tragedies, ecstasies, we can see the patterns of our own lives within the living harmonics of nature's rhythms, as well as see others when shared as a group (as shown in the second image below). I had the joy of experiencing this with Brent and a gathering of the core SelfDesign staff, advisors and mentors once, and will always remember the enthusiasm and devotion Brent brought to the event. It was his desire to bring the LifeSpiral out into the world far and wide. In fact, in my last conversation with Brent earlier this year he highlighted this project as one of his most precious quests. 


It is with the deepest gratitude and thanks that I celebrate the gifts Brent brought to our world. If you have children and wish to embark with them upon a timeless and timely life-long learning path, please consider SelfDesign.

You are loved always, my friend! As you have always loved us. Blessed be.


i want to happen

to be
in love
with the essence of my being

to be as gentle
in the world
as the flight
of the butterfly

to share
and give
as a flower
the morning
in full sun

to embrace
and give warmth
to melt my fears and doubts

to support those
beings i meet
as life continues
with understanding
and inner joy

to maintain my calm
in the i of the storm

to forgive
and release my caged sadness
to soar
and glide motionless
in the breeze i am

~ Brent Cameron, Poems for Giving



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